The graphics below are issued by the World Health Organisation (WH0) We recommend you study them and share them with family, friends and work colleagues. We all have a part to play in containing this virus Please Print and display.


This is from the BMJ a weekly peer-reviewed medical journal on changing habits to contain coronavirus. We recommend you study it and share it with family, friends and work colleagues. We hope people find it helpful.  

Exfoliate by Pestle and Mortar

  The latest addition to Pestle & Mortar’s product range is Exfoliate, a groundbreaking facial toner powered by glycolic acid and blended with a potent mix of natural anti-ageing and skin-bright- ening ingredients. Formulated in response to the demand for an exfoliating toner that is powerful yet kind, Exfoliate is the first gly- colic toner…

Pestle and Mortar – Recover Eye Cream

Recover is a superior eye-cream formulation from Pestle & Mortar which is packed with a host of powerful ingredients to benefit the delicate skin around the eye area. The active ingredient in Recover, palmitoyl tripeptide-5 is a powerful peptide which stimulates collagen production from the inside-out, making it a super- effective anti-ageing tool. A host…