In celebration of our 65th anniversary of Minihans Chemist here on Oliver Plunkett Street we are launching a new dedicated gift service. We have always supplied gifts from our beautiful range of fragrances, from heritage brands like Guerlain, Eight & Bob and Chanel to fashion brands like Gucci and Calvin Klein. Also, from our…

New Product alert

NUXE has created a fresh take on moisturising with this new quick-and-easy to use product that concentrates all the effectiveness of Crème Fraîche® de Beauté in a lightmist… It envelops the face in a refreshing milky veil with a delicious scent of Orange Blossom. Its formula, enriched with botanical Sweet Almond Milk, infuses the skin…


Our skincare Consultant Ruth will be delighted to give you a free skincare consultation in store. Equally our pharmacist will be delighted to assist you with any dermatology queries you may have. We stock some very specialised skin care brands: La Roche Posay Vichy Uriage Mustela Neostrata This Works


Our pharmacist will be delighted to answer any of your maternity/ baby care queries We stock a range of supplements to assist you during your pregnancy and beyond. We are delighted to be stockists of the Mustela skincare brand. This is the brand leader across Europe designed specifically for mum-to-be and baby.

Holiday/Sun Care Advice

We all look forward to enjoying the sun! Let us help you and your family do so safely. We stock an extensive range of sun care brands in-store: la Roche Posay, Vichy, Uriage, Mustela, Nuxe. Our pharmacist and skincare consultant will be delighted to assist you in your choice!

Smoke Cessation Advice

We understand that giving up smoking is a big challenge, it requires willpower and persistence. It is however one of the most important decisions you will ever make to improve your health. We stock an extensive range of smoking cessation brands in-store and would be delighted to give to a consultation in store to help…

Morning After Pill

The emergency contraceptive pill is available over the counter in store. You can take the tablet up to 120 hours after you have sex to prevent pregnancy. This service is now also offered over the counter on the GMS scheme.

Blood Pressure Testing

We are delighted to offer a blood pressure monitoring service. Our pharmacist will give you the results during consultation and explain the results simply to you. It is a straightforward procedure where the cuff of the monitor is wrapped around your arm and inflated. While it is slowly deflated the Blood pressure is read. The…

Medicine Management

This is a free service that we offer. We use the Suremed system. There are two options: weekly packs or monthly packs. When patients use medication boxes there are many advantages: They act as a reminder when to take their medicines and therefore increase compliance. It simplifies medication taking when a patient is on a…